Monday, January 5, 2009


I went to class today and when my teacher asked how I was I said that I was tired. I didn't explain that I got up early this morning to see Alan off to the airport or that doing so left me not only sleep-deprived, but sad to see him go. My teacher said, tiredly, "Well, you're not the only one." And then the maintenance man who was removing a piece of audiovisual equipment from the classroom chimed in: "Everyone is exhausted from hearing about what is happening with our forces."
We nodded in agreement (though it was unclear what the content of this consensus was).
We opened our notebooks and started class.

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Anonymous said...

Minna, my thoughts are with you, as well as with anyone in the region who only wants to live a normal life.

Reading Alan's post above and thinking about all the people who have to live with the war daily, I feel quite guilty that we have decided to postpone our trip to visit Kostia's brother in Tel Aviv, which we were planning to make in February, yet again. Kostia and I talked about whether we should go anyway, but he thinks his mom (who worries all the time about us being in Sweden, just because it's a scary foreign country, never mind that it's much safer place to live than Russia) couldn't cope with the stress if her only son in addition to her beloved stepson were both in Israel during a conflict. I hope that someday, nobody's mom will have to worry about their kids being in the Middle East.