Friday, February 6, 2009

Minna Got a Brand New Bag*

Shabbat is rushing toward me, but I had such a lovely morning that I wanted to share. Not surprisingly, small town girl that I am, what I love most about being here is having mornings like this:
Got up, put tiny computer and a few re-usable shopping bags into my new big red purse,* grabbed the compost and headed out the door. I dumped the compost and went to Duvshanit, my "local." Duvshanit is a family-owned coffeeshop and bakery and they make my favorite challah in town. I have more than once arrived after the last of the challot sold out and have since tried to make a practice of getting there early (8:30 at the very very latest). I got challot and rolls and ordered myself two little cheese bourekas (baked in the kitchen in the back) and a large low-fat cafe hafuch/קפה הפוך which literally means "upside down coffee." If there is a distinction between this and a cappuccino, I don't know what it is.

Then I sat and mostly answered emails and very gratefully wrote thank you notes to folks who had made donations to our Hazon Israel Ride (if you want to give and haven't yet, you can do so by clicking here). I've been enjoying the aspect of fund-raising that involves getting in touch with people I might not otherwise get around to contacting.

After lazily typing away and watching the pre-shabbos crowds rush in and out, I walked back toward my house and went food shopping at Mister Zol.

Now the chicken is in the oven and shabbat is very close! I love being able to walk everywhere and living in a neighborhood where the things I need most (besides Alan and the rest of my family, none of whom are things) are right here.

*This bag was hand-picked with the very able assistance of Jen Klein who is an expert in such matters. I have never developed a purse habit, but with a bag like this, which is not done justice in these pics, I think I could get used to it.


Shani said...

That is a fabulous bag!

I hope to make a donation to the ride, as soon as I am less freaked about money (being laid off will do that to a girl).

Minna said...

Hey Shany! Any little bit you can contribute is welcome. This fund-raising effort is definitely giving me a clearer picture of how folks in the States are doing in these hard economic times (we're not feeling it in the same way here...yet). BUT also giving me a wonderful reminder of how generous people can be despite it all!

Minna said...

p.s. I somehow managed to make your name "Shany" which is very silly and just not your name...sorry!

Gail said...

as a confirmed bag-aholic, i understand your joy. may you shop well with it.