Monday, May 11, 2009

The night of the fires

It may get scary as the night goes on, but when Minna and I went walking through this Jerusalem park at around 9:30pm tonight, the bonfires of the Lag B'Omer celebrations around us had more of a family feel than the wild "Lord of the Flies" atmoshphere one of our friends had predicted -- there were quite a few parents and young children around, having bbq's amid the bonfires.

I really enjoyed walking around the park. It was a reminder -- as our days here in Israel come towards an end -- of the specialness and uniqueness of living in a Jewish country. I am so glad to have had the chance to be here so much this year.
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Here are a few more photos of the fires at the park near the Hartman Institute (as well as some from the smaller San Simeon park).

From Lag B'Omer and last days in israel


And here (admittedly, completely unrelated) are some Orthodox men touring Gan Sacher (a park) the day before on Segeways.

From Lag B'Omer and last days in israel

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