Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I laugh at your parking ticket!

Well, actually, despite Minna's apparent bravado, we just paid it.

In the old days, you had to wait in line at the post office to pay tickets (which is what the rental car people still told us we would have to do), but it turns out that you can just go pay them online.

Minna's been seeing old friends and going to museums while I've been attending the spiritual care conference.

Tomorrow we'll be in Tel Aviv relaxing and then it's back to Jerusalem for Shabbat and then, before you know it, we're back on a plane to the States -- short trip!


Here's Minna, by the way, driving down the streets of Jerusalem (along with a link to some more pics from the trip):

From Israel Spring 2010

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Minna said...

Actually, I did pay it at the post office. But it was a post office on the Givat Ram campus and it was 8am so there was no wait. The guy at the post office said, "Ah, clearly you had an extra 100 shekels!!"

abayye said...

Meaning that only a freier would pay a parking ticket?

Minna said...

I took it as more of a "what goes around comes around" kind of thing; as if clearly at some point I had acquired 100 shekel which wasn't really coming to me...maybe he meant the 100 that you gave me?