Saturday, May 8, 2010

Motzi Shabbat in Jerusalem

We took a little walk in downtown Jerusalem after Shabbat got out tonight. We ran into some of my American colleagues from the chaplaincy delegation that is here and one of them was kind enough to snap this pic of us.

Shabbat afternoon we walked to the Old City and to the Kotel (Western Wall). It was kind of on the warm side, but really just beautiful weather. On the way to the Old City, we stopped in Independence Park for a bit and heard a boy of about 9 complain angerly to his parents about their choice of a place for their picnic -- "אתם ממש פריירים! (you are real freiers) for picking such a spot when there is a one with more shade and nice water over there," he cried. Freier is a yiddish word that roughly translates as sucker or rube; some say it is an Israeli obsession to not be a freier.


Before we ran into my friends, Minna got a sugar-free ice cream -- I think she looks like she's enjoying it so much in this pic that she could be in an ad for it!!! (I had a taste and have to admit it was a lot better than diet ice cream I've had in the States!)

From Israel Spring 2010

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Shani said...

That is a marvelous photo of the two of you!

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