Friday, September 5, 2008

Hands on the merchandise

Israel is full of these this-would-never-happen-in-America moments: I was waiting in line to buy this cast iron pan at the "Home Center", today, when the guy behind me -- without saying A word -- reached over and ran his fingers over the surface of the pan (to assess it's non-stick potential, I assume).

I love moments like this. It's a part of why I just feel more connected to people here in many ways. This is true even though I am an extremely private person -- this sort of invasion of my private space strikes me as completely reasonable and I'm happy to be in a place where people can just assume it's ok without having to say "excuse me" or wonder whether I will become upset or anything like that.

This was my first time at the mall since I arrived. It was a sort of "pilgrimage" for me to return to this place where I had spent so much time back in 2000-1. . . . Though I have to admit a bit part of the pilgrimage feel had to do with returning once again to the (kosher!) Burger King there! :)
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