Wednesday, September 3, 2008

In which Minna finally gives in to the tempation...

...the temptation to feed the kitties, that is. That's how I got this one to pose:

Step one: feed kitten a noodle from the yummy lunch Alan made for me.
Step two: feed kitten a second noodle but first dangle it over kitten's head.

This little guy is part of a small troupe/family/group of cats willing to share territory that lives primarily in the large courtyard in the middle of our classroom building.

The marmalade-boy is the youngest cat of the group. The cats on campus are a by-and-large a better-fed and cleaner crew than in the rest of the city. Even Doron, one of my ulpan teachers, at one point had us discussing the idea that perhaps there was something more "academic" about them. Here the marmalade-boy is, begging from other students on break from ulpan:

There's a larger yellow and white tomcat that I suspect might be his father. And I have decided that this larger calico is his mother (they hang out together a lot and play together):

I also suspect, based on the roundness of her belly (easier to see when she's not lounging in the doorway) that this girl might be expecting. Marmalade-boy is in the background and I don't recognize the other calico in the middle, but they look similar enough that it might be another relative (sister of either the larger calico or the little marmalade guy).

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