Monday, October 20, 2008

Among the . . .

. . . many things I will miss from Israel once I return (too soon!) to the States is the ready availability of delicious and inexpensive cucumbers. I like to wash and dry them as soon as I get them home. Here, I have repurposed an egg container (30 super fresh eggs for only 22 shekels at the shuk!) to speed the drying process.

Other things I will miss (foodwise, at least) include the many wonderful dairy products, the shwarama and the "black coffee". . . and the kosher Burger King!

Perhaps I will find some consolation upon my return in finding the things that are not so easily available here. Hard cheeses (like cheddar and swiss), drip coffee and alike.

Tonight will begin the last חג/hag (holiday) of my trip. . . . I hope it's a memorable one!

Hag sameach!
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David said...

Hag sameach to you!