Sunday, October 12, 2008

Quick Bread

I'm writing a quick post about the delicious quick bread I just had for breakfast. I've been computerless for a while now with my new computer arriving later this week (thanks, Mom and Dad and Diane!). Between that and the High Holy Days and maybe a touch of post-ulpan blues, my blogging life has been in the pits. BUT! I did want to sneak in a post about the very yummy banana, apple, date, no sucrose treat that Alan made in the oven. Necessity is once again being motherly and moving us (mainly Alan) to experiment with oven cooking (in our continuing gas-less state).
Today we're heading off in the car mostly to parts unknown. Har Gilboa? Tiberias? The Jerusalem Mall? Hopefully there will be a blog update on the day's adventures.
AND sometime between now and sunset tomorrow we also hope to buy lulav, etrog and be prepared for the wondrous rain dances of Sukkot.

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