Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Bus stop

I walked Minna there this morning, so she could get her bus to the Ulpan at Hebrew University. There was a bus just pulling away as we turned the corner to the bus stop, so it was a long wait for the next one.
But it finally came!

A soldier was walking by across the street while we were waiting.

After Minna got her bus, I went for a short walk around the neighborhood, seeing some of my old haunts from my Israel year back in 2000-2001. Most things are the same, but some have changed. The burger joint "Norman's" that had impossibly large burgers appears to be gone, replaced by a fancy Italian joint. I guess just another sign of the increasing gentrification of Israel in general and the German Colony neighborhood in particular.

I subletted an apartment in this house for about two weeks around Passover for my Mom. It was a nice place.

I'm looking forward to seeing my Mom in Israel, again. She's planning on being here around Sukkot.

I came to Israel to be able to spend time with Minna, but I made a commitment to my hospital to work hard on my certification process while I am here. I need to learn a lot about things like personality theory, so I can write the position papers required to show my mastery and understanding of the things that go into clinical pastoral supervision. I'm going to start today by reading this book:

Here I go -- off to study! :)

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