Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Moving In

Just moved into my new apartment. Unlike other moves in recent months, this one was just a short taxi ride. And now, I'm writing this from the couch in the picture. One of my young neighbors, a boy of perhaps 10 or 11, wanted to pass me as I was on my way up the stairs with the last suitcases. Instead of trying to get past me though, he asked if I needed help!

After carrying one of the suitcases up the stairs, and informing me that he knew exactly where it needed to go, he said something else to me in Hebrew which I completely didn't catch. I didn't want to ask him to repeat himself a third time so then I told him my name and he told me his. I hope he wasn't asking me an important question or telling me something I'll regret not knowing.

The apartment is large and comfortable, well-furnished and homey, and --because the last tenants were also American students who are leaving the country-- it comes with lots of "starter" items like dish soap, plenty of rolls of toilet paper, hangers, some plates and silverware (divided into neatly labeled "milk" and "meat" drawers and cabinets), and the like.

Having this apartment is such a blessing! It belongs to friends of Alan's and I am so grateful that it worked out for me to rent it.

For the time being anyway, it also seems to have free wireless. My mission for today:
Finish writing my student reports.
Explore the apartment and the neighborhood more.
Clean the fridge (one of the very few bits and pieces left undone).
Buy a few groceries.
Unpack a bit.
Make sure I know how to get where I need to be to start ulpan (intensive Hebrew study) at 8:30 tomorrow morning.

Maybe I'll go find a little lunch first. I think there's a pizza place around the corner....

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Delia said...

Yay moving in and friendly kid neighbor!

I swear I first read your list of things to do to include buying cigarettes. I was going, "noooooooo."

Glad I'm just dyslectic and nearsighted.