Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Pizza in the Neighborhood

Went out for a slice of pizza (with mushrooms!) and a salad around the corner and made three wonderful discoveries. Well, four if you include the pizza place itself. First and foremost, I ran into my classmate, Shira who --at least for the next couple of weeks-- is also my new neighbor. She was rushing off to prepare for a trip to the desert, but it was good to catch a glimpse of her. I believe I also stumbled upon our wireless benefactors as the connection I'm using bears the same name as this street and house number:

(If the folks at 27 HaPortzim want us to chip in, we're happy to!)

Finally, on my way back into our own building I discovered that it comes with lantana
--a stinky but beautiful flowery shrub whose pungent odor, rainbow-sherbet flowers, and sticky vegetation transport me immediately to Santa Monica circa 1976.

And now I must finish those reports....

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abayye said...

Shira's husband is (Cantor) Ken Richmond, who I studied with at Machon Schechter back in the 2000-2001 academic year. A small world! (I met Shira back then, too.)