Monday, August 18, 2008

First Toast

The oven has one knob with temperatures on it (in Celsius), one knob with indecipherable pictures...

...and one set of buttons with equally mysterious hints.

Yesterday evening, at Tamar C.'s, I looked at the manual for her oven which seemed to have some symbols in common. Boy, was I far off! The symbol that looked to me like little waves of water? Turns out it was actually little flames of fire, i.e., grill/roast. So, I scribbled down the symbols and their interpretations in my notebook and have so far had two oven successes:
1. Last night I set the clock.
2. Just now I made toast from left-over challah. Delish! (And made more especially so because I was careful in my Hebrew label-reading and had managed to come home with salted butter.)


Anonymous said...

Speaking of funny appliance symbols... In my Swedish freezer there are different symbols showing which meats are supposed to go in which drawer, I guess because some meats are supposed to be kept colder than others or something. There's a picture of a fish, a pig, a cow, and... a reindeer.

It would be more useful if they had pictures of frozen pizza and ice cream. :-)

Minna said...

My new Norwegian friend laughed out loud when I shared this with her. She's in my ulpan, living in Jerusalem and learning Hebrew so she can use Hebrew-language sources to write her dissertation on settlements and Israel domestic policy.